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  1. Inspiration Monday: Plant wreath

    March 12, 2012 by ivona

    {images property and copyright of Prudent Baby}

    I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for Spring and because of that I am immersed in stuff green and planty :)

    This wreath from Prudent Baby has caught my eye as a perfect addition to the garden shed decor, and I’m thinking of perhaps making one with grass seed for Easter with eggs nestled in. What do you think?

    {images property and copyright of Prudent Baby}

    Have you tried making one of these?

    For full tutorial click here.

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  2. St. Patricks inspiration ~ eat, drink and be green!

    March 6, 2012 by ivona

    Good morning dear fans!

    I was a bit under the weather over the weekend so this week’s inspiration post comes a day late, but still in time for a cheerfully green St. Patrick day celebration :)

    This idea of luck elixir in fun colored vintage bottles seems is a fun way to decorate for Spring, add a  bit of airiness and freshness to your indoors.

    {Tutorial and FREE printables here}

    What would St. Patty’s be without green yummies right? I love this ombre cake from I am baker, and these free printable toppers  from Allen Designs are to die for.


  3. Inspiration Monday: Hot Air Balloon birthday

    February 27, 2012 by ivona

    Our Hot Air Balloon design is one of our most popular sellers especially for first birthday so today I wanted to share a Pinterest prop find for the theme.

    {image property and copyright of goshandgolly}

    Aren’t these adorable?

    Technically they are wall decals but would be perfect as a dessert table backdrop or maybe even in a photo booth. Love them!

    To purchase click here.

    Visit the shop to view our full collection and  follow me on Pinterest here.

  4. Floral inspiration Monday

    February 13, 2012 by ivona

    Good morning!

    It is a very cold morning here in Florida, so I thought some cheerful inspiration might be nice. If you are following me on Pinterest you know I adore gorgeous flowers. I’m especially weak for Peonies and Ranunculus. When I saw these two arrangements I audibly gasped.  Enjoy the simple beauty and the color scheme.



    In other news, our Pin it to Win it contest is still going on. Click here for details.

    Use code LOVE10 for 10% off in the shop here.

  5. Pinterest giggle: Pumpkin inspiration!

    September 8, 2011 by ivona

    Our Halloween costume tips and trick series starts next week. This week I wanted to share pumpkin inspiration found on Pinterest.

    Don’t know about you but I find the colder weather exilirating and cannot wait for our visit to the local pumpkin farm:)

    For more fun inspiration visit Sugarsticks Parties on Pinterest.



  6. Book parties: The very hungry caterpillar

    July 19, 2011 by ivona


    Eric Carle’s The very hungry caterpillar allows for a colorful and activities filled party. The only thing we enjoy more than the book, in our household, is the very hungry caterpillar board game :)

    For sources please visit here.

    Let me know in comments what is your book party inspiration.

  7. Book Party Tuesday: Blueberry girl

    June 28, 2011 by ivona

    The summer time is here and with it an array of fresh and juicy fruits, including blueberries. This picture book is one of my favorites, written by Neil Gaiman when his wife was pregnant with their little girl.

    Almost a prayer for all the things we want for our children, it is also a wonderful party inspiration:)

    Blueberry desserts are a must and the yummy blueberry marshmallows complete the picture with their awesome color. The book is a celebration of life and girls, young women. A deep blue background with a splash of other colors will make for a beautiful celebration. 

    I love the combination of deep blue petti with rainbow detail as a birthday outfit.

    Blue gingham would give a more polished feel to the party but I, personally love the feel of the Amy Butler designs for a more eclectic celebration:)



    1. Blueberry layered cake

    2. Blueberry popsicles

    3. Flower pins

    4. Blueberry marshmallows

    5. Blue pettiskirt

    6. Amy Butler fabric

    7. Amy Butler fabric

    8. Blue gingham

  8. Spring inspiration

    February 18, 2011 by ivona

    I was looking around for some props over on some of my favorite web-shops, and I realized I cannot wait to sink my hands into some dirt and start my spring gardening:)


    How refreshing are these?


    I love the terra cota + galvanized tin+ shades of green combo.


    Can’t you just smell the fresh cut grass? The mint? The rosemary?

    Have a sunny weekend everyone:)

    All images: Pottery Barn

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