Giggle! Thursdays: Vintage paper dolls

December 17, 2010 by ivona

The hectic score of our household surpassed really high this week between the packing and wrapping and the Sugarsticks work, so please forgive this Thursday feature coming a little late.


I have been going over and over the contents of kids’ carry ons, primarily those of our 3 year old daughter.

How do you pack enough toys to entertain a toddler on a 18 hour flight, and fit them all in a carry on?

We got the bunny who cannot be left behind under ANY circumstances and her favorite baby doll, diaper bag and all…

… but I knew we will need something more to keep Mika’s attention.

In one of my better mama moments it came to me: Paper dolls! They are fun and whimsical… simple to pack… do not take up a lot of room… and bound to give hours of fun pretend play to little girls.

A quick google search for printable paper doll images led me to a treasure trove of these vintage paper dolls. Aren’t they positively darling?

They will be a perfect toy since you can easily play with them on the tray, while in your seat (if you’re stuck in an airplane for 18 hours ;)

I printed them on a heavy cardstock, cut them out and packed each set separately into envelopes that can easily fit into the side pocket of my camera bag.

If I had time, and I will probably do this once we get back, I would laminate the dolls themselves and mod podge the clothes before cutting just to preserve them.

Aren’t these just precious? I cannot get enough of them… the vintage definitely makes them more special.


I have found the printables on this blog by Maggiecat and they were originally submitted by Patricia of De Chapeaux.

Please remember, as far as I know these are for personal use only. The feature on this blog does NOT mean Sugarsticks Parties owns the rights to these, nor should it be considered permission for these to be used for commercial purposes.

I hope you and your little girls will enjoy them!



Thursdays are a time to bring your giggle on, here on Sugarsticks Parties’ blog. Giggle Thursdays feature parties and/ or children and party products with just the right pinch of childhood whimsy. Sugarsticks Parties does not accept fees or compensation for these features; the parties and products featured are chosen by Ivona purely on their “giggle” value.

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  1. What a great idea to put in a carry-on (or any time you have limited space)!

  2. Morela says:

    I’d like to know how your daughter liked them. My daughter is also 3 years old. I’m definitely printing these out for her.

    • ivona says:

      Hey Morela,

      she loved them! Because she is 3 it did require me to set up some sort of story for them, where they are going, what they were doing etc… but she soon got the idea and they held her attention quite long:)

  3. Carla says:

    What wonderful paper dolls! Thank you for sharing them.

    (I saw it on Pinterest and followed it here.)

  4. Ann says:

    These are so cute! Thank you for sharing.

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  6. Bethany says:

    I love these!!! Thanks so much for posting, my daughter will love these!

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