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  1. Sewing adventures- Superhero outfit part 2

    August 4, 2012 by ivona

    With a little bit of delay, I am so excited to reveal the complete Super Hero birthday outfit. Click here for the Top & Leggings post .

    Additional Fabric

    Girl Power Super Girls Purple

    Michael Miller Ta Dot in Bubblegum and Candy


    The cape is double sided because I didn’t want the thread and generally traces of sewing showing :) Lay down the top on the cape fabric and lightly trace the width of the shoulders and the curve of the opening on the back part of the top. That way the cape will lay on the top perfectly.

    The bottom part of the cape is cut in an A shape, with a bit of a curve on the bottom. Sew the two sides of the cape laying them down face to face, don’t forget to include the straps for tying. Make sure to leave about a 2 inch space to be able to turn it over, you will hand sew that part. Iron the cape, and especially the edges, on the cotton fabric side. Attach the star and the number the same way as we did on the top.


    The little one LOVES twirling so I knew the skirt must be a full circle skirt. I used the Sasha pattern from Dreamspun Kids again, except I cut it shorter (I cut lengthwise for size 3). Usually, the full circle skirts in just one fabric look a little flimsy to me so I wanted to add a bit of contrast and weight to the edge of the skirt.

    The additional weight in the edge makes the skirt so sooooo nicely, I love it!

    The amount of fabric in the edge made it too thick to ruffle with the ruffler foot, so I added  pleats manually ; just enough to attach without issue to a full circle.

    1. Decide how much of each fabric you want showing and cut three strips in double width (three strips for each of the fabrics). For this skirt I cut bottom fabric in 6 inch strips, and the top in 3 inch strips. So once folded they would be 3 inch and 1.5 inch respectively.

    Sew the strips with a straight stitch and iron out the stitches.

    2. Fold the now long strips in half and iron in place.

    3. You will end up with two long strips of fabric that you need to sew together. Lay them flat on top of each other, and use your serger or a zig zag stitch.

    4. Your end result should look like this. Pin your pleats in place and measure out the length needed against the skirt. Attach and voila! you have an adorable twirly skirt.

    I hope your little super hero enjoys this outfit as much as mine does :)

    P.S. In these pictures she is not wearing the leggings because it was 100F  outside and they would have been overkill. Since we spent the majority of the day outside, she was sweating a lot and the star on her top started un-gluing a bit. I ironed it again and the stick tape seemed to hold fine.

    The Daycare Test: B+

    The cape and top stayed in place during all day of daycare play which was awesome. The leggings though showed signs of wear on the knees after just one day, this particular spandex fabric wasn’t made for wear and tear apparently.

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  2. Sewing adventures: Super hero – top and leggings

    July 20, 2012 by ivona

    Super hero top and leggings

    Pattern:  drafted using old clothes


    Stretch Lame Knit in Turqouise and Fuschia

    Metallic Spandex knit Gold

    / all from Fabric.com

    If you like us on Facebook you already know the sewing of the birthday outfit has begun :) Today I’m showing you the simpler parts of it, the top and the leggings.

    Instead of a pattern, I used the little one’s clothes to cut out the patterns. This post on drafting your own pattern from Schwin & Schwin helped.

    Leggings were super simple, I used an old pair of hers to trace them and it worked like a charm. Important thing when working with spandex: make sure you cut so the stretch is where you need it to be. I had to re-cut the leggings because the first time around I cut with the stretch length wise, instead of width wise.

    Because of her non-existent waist I didn’t even need to run an elastic in the waistband, I just hemmed it. Main reason I love these type of fabrics is that I didn’t have to hem the bottoms of the leggings, a clean straight cut was fine and there is no fraying going on.

    For the top I used a sleeveless top to trace and I added about an inch all around, as well as about 3 inches to the length because I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be too short. It fits her perfectly and as you can see I didn’t hem any edges on it either.

    The straps are there for the cape. Cut a strip of fabric and sew it in a tube. Flip the tubes over so they are the right side out,  when sewing the top include the straps between the two sides and voila- you have a way of tying the cape without complaints about it being tight around the little one’s throat!

    Do not try to sew the spandex on it’s right side, trust me you will regret it. It’s too sticky to allow the sewing foot to glide over the fabric. Or maybe that’s just my machine, if so please let me know in the comments :)

    For this reason I almost gave up on attaching the star and initial but then I remembered I have  sticky hemming tape, the iron on kind. The star and the letter were made in Illustrator, so I could have the perfect shape pattern.

    Very important! Do not iron spandex directly, I didn’t have a gauze type of fabric so I used a sheet of  tissue paper. Place your pieces of hemming tape in place, cover with tissue paper and iron. Do not steam it and do not keep the iron on it long because it will start melting even through the paper. I did about two star tips at a time, and for the letter it was each line separately.

    I love how these came out, please share your own super hero outfits in the comments.

    Next up: the cape and the skirt :)

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  3. Sewing Adventures: Apron Top

    July 13, 2012 by ivona

    Apron Top

    Pattern & Tutorial: Everyday Chaos

    Fabric: Red Polka Dot / JoAnn

    Gnome Village / Holland Fabric House

    Red Polka Dot Bias Tape/ Holland Fabric House

    Today’s project is another top, this time from Everyday Chaos.  The Gnome fabric is one of those I bought with no project in mind, it was just too cute to pass up. I wanted a project that would allow the fabric to shine because, seriously, you could use that fabric to tell a whole novel on gnome life - it is that intricate :)

    You already know my favorite bias tape in all the world is the one from Holland Fabric House with lace addition so when I saw the red polka dot one, I knew I wanted a similar fabric for the yoke. JoAnn was a bit disappointing in their red polka dot selection but this imperfect polka dot was a great find in the end.

    Ok, confession time: I don’t like halter tops AT ALL. They never seem to sit right on the back, so my plan here was to cris cross the back and just attach the straps to the back of the top. There was only one problem with that plan, I cut the straps much wider than Bridget did hers because I wanted the gnome fabric to show.

    So when I attached them to the yoke the angle under which the straps crossed on the back was not manageable for putting it on and off.

    The little didn’t mind at all, she loves this thing. I love that you can wear it everyday with just jean shorts, or dress it up with leggings and such if needed.

    Daycare test: A+

    The breezy design in a simple cotton fabric is perfect for the hot summer, and there is no tugging and pulling involved.

    For more sewing projects visit me on Pinterest. What fun sewing projects do you have in mind? tell me in the comments!

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  4. Sewing adventures: Babushka skirt

    June 22, 2012 by ivona

    Babushka Skirt

    Pattern: none

    Fabric: Babuska / Holland Fabric House

    Amy Butler Polka Dot / Fabric.com

    How adorable are those Babushkas? This is one of those fabrics I bought because I liked it so much even though I had no idea what I wanted to make from it. I’m not the only one who does that, right? Please tell me now :)

    I wanted to create something that will let the fabric stand out on it’s own, and came up with this skirt. It’s a straight cut, I measured the little one’s waist and added about 5 inches in width  for the top part of the skirt. In retrospect I probably could have made it wider but it works fine cut straight, especially since she gets some width in the bottom part.

    The bottom ruffle is what I’m really proud of. You could probably use math to figure out the length you need for the ruffle but I just eyeballed it. I cut the strips full width of the fabric in the length I needed – ok, here you will need to use a bit of math. I just knew that I wanted most of the green showing, with red on the bottom and the babushkas just peeking through in between.

    Once I sewn all the strips together, I started ruffling in a way I liked and if I ended up not having enough fabric I would have just added on another piece. Not a very scientific way of sewing, I know, but it mostly works :)

    The reason I’m so proud of it?

    The whole thing is sewn double sided, there is not a seam or thread peeking anywhere. I will create a separate tutorial on it if you are interested, just let me know in the comments.

    The ruffle was done using a ruffler foot. I invested in this one a while back and I love it! Technically it’s a pleating foot and you can adjust the width between the pleats and the depth of each pleat, love it!

    Daycare test: A+

    I didn’t get any complaints about the mobility, and she loves the little dolls.

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  5. Sewing adventures: Oliver + S Ruffle Top

    June 9, 2012 by ivona

    Oliver + S Ruffle Top

    Pattern: Ruffled Halter / Oliver + S {free tutorial and pattern}

    Fabric: JoAnn

    Bias Tape: Holland Fabric House

    Oliver + S is my secret obsession. I love their style and their patterns.

    When I saw this tutorial for the Ruffle Halter top on their blog I knew I wanted to try it. A yard of breezy white cotton was sitting in my sewing room for over a year, originally purchased for another project that I wasn’t satisfied with.

    While I love how it turned out, it should be noted this fabric was NOT the best choice for this top. The applique flowers were not sewing well, because of a significant difference in the thickness of flowers and the gauziness of the fabric. You cannot tell but the 3 ruffle layers are both cut on bias and ruffled a bit, so with a “smooth” fabric they would look more frilly.

    Also messing up the flow of the ruffles is the bias tape but I wanted to add some color to break up all the whiteness. I highly recommend the Holland Fabric House and this bias tape. It ship from, you guessed it, Holland, so prepare to wait 2-3 weeks for it but it is well worth it. The lace detail is what sold me, plus it is great quality.I added an additional strip of bias tape as ribbon around the neckline.

    If you decide to try the pattern, make sure to share your results with the Oliver + S Flick Group.

    Daycare test: A

    The top stayed put, and stood up well to all the monkey business on the playground.

    The tie stayed tied, which is not always the case ;)

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  6. Sewing Adventures: Rainbow twirly skirt

    June 1, 2012 by ivona

    Welcome to a new series: Sewing Adventures!

    I always enjoyed sewing and with the clothes for the new season being made I thought I would share with you fun tutorials and patterns. This is not a sewing tutorial series, but more of a how a lay seamstress managed kind of series . I will occasionally share tutorials of my own but mostly I want to share with you fun sewing find from the web.


    Pattern: Sasha/ Dreamspun Kids

    Fabric: JoAnn

    I have originally purchased a pattern for a Sasha skirt from Dreamspun Kids and that is what I used here but you can also use a tutorial from Dana of Made about how to make a full circle skirt pattern.

    I decided to add a tulle underskirt just to add a bit more fluff. I cut a second tulle skirt, 3 inches shorter than the original. The tulle ruffle was made of 4 inch strips, 3 times the circumference of the skirt.

    It was ruffled by hand because using the ruffle foot on tulle just doesn’t work for me.

    I sewed the tulle skirt with the top, before adding the waistband just to make it easier.

    The Sasha Pattern was very easy to understand and follow. I have used it several times already as a great base, and I highly recommend it. Here is the original skirt made using the pattern.

    Petti skirt: Dreamspun Kids

    Hair bows: Lil Belle Bowtique

    For more sewing projects follow me on Pinterest!

    Daycare test: C

    The skirts in general seem to be more impractical for the little romper. On this one, the tulle got ripped a bit on the first day of wear, and kids accidentally pinching the skirt when she was getting up at circle time. Because she always wears leggings under her skirts this wasn’t an issue for us, but on its own the tulle might be a bit scratchy so either a bit of lining or leggings are a good way to go.

    The tulle did not tear after fixing it, and double stitching it ;)

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  7. Inspiration Monday: Plant wreath

    March 12, 2012 by ivona

    {images property and copyright of Prudent Baby}

    I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for Spring and because of that I am immersed in stuff green and planty :)

    This wreath from Prudent Baby has caught my eye as a perfect addition to the garden shed decor, and I’m thinking of perhaps making one with grass seed for Easter with eggs nestled in. What do you think?

    {images property and copyright of Prudent Baby}

    Have you tried making one of these?

    For full tutorial click here.

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  8. Military party activity & free printable!

    April 22, 2011 by ivona


    Recently, I designed Military Camo party decor ~ perfect for a military theme bash for the little soldier…

    To make sure all the party soldiers have their gear a great first activity would be  a scavenger hunt. The kids will have a blast running back and forth trying to find all the items from the list and by the end of it, they will be completely geared up for the party action.


    Each child could get their own personal list but I thought it would be more fun to display the list prominently in the center of the party area so the kids have to go back and forth.

    I used a 1/16 inch hole punch for the four corners of the list. The Peapod baker’s twine from The Twinery worked perfectly to tie the list to the small U-nails on the tree and the branches for the final effect.

    Each one of the items on the list would be scattered around the area for the kids to find, marked with numbers.

    For example, if there are 5 kids, than there would be 5 bandannas marked with No.1 scattered around for the kids to find.

    I used a Starbucks frappuccino bottles to hold the smaller items like bandannas or glow sticks.

    Baker’s twine in combined colors of Peapod, Capuccino, Charcoal and Chartreuse worked great for the camo tie in, holding the number card.


    For the party decor products from this collection please visit the shoppe here!

    For a 5×7 inch sized list printable click here.

    For a 8×10.5 inch list printable click here.

    For the number tiles printable click here.

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  9. The Twinery Design Team: Easter time!

    March 18, 2011 by ivona


    Easter time!


    For this month’s project I decided to expand on Sugarsticks Parties’ Easter designs with some favor tags.

    The free printable includes favor tags in both Easter designs available. 

    I cut this one in a basic straight line, and used it as a tag on small kraft box party favor. There is just enough room on the top of the tag for a small embellishment, and the purple glitter button fit just right.

    The Twinery’s twine in Honeydew, Blossom and Lilac complement the colors of the tag and the button perfectly.

    And there’s always a centerpiece or two that needs creating for the holiday table. I used the argyle design tag, cut in a straight line, on this candle.

    Just a neatly tied twine in my favorite Carribean was enough for the pop of color.

    There is just enough room on the tags for a name or a small note, or you can just leave them blank like I did on this one.

    I also wanted to see how the tags would look if cut as a rectangle with the fancy trim scissors.

    I recently made these cupcakes in a jar for a photoshoot and I love, love , love how easy these  were to handle for the kiddos. No messes, no icing stains and so easy to eat with a spoon.

    The blossom twine combined with pink tulle gives these just the right touch of softness, and the tag completes the lovely look.

    The pink icing on this one called for a blue toned tag and twine. My favorite Carribean comes to the rescue again:)

    I hope you enjoy these and show us what you make with them.

    You can find the free printable here.

    You will need to save it as an image and then print.

    Sugarsticks Parties’ Easter collection also includes invitations and favor bags with coordinating stickers.

    All purchases will also include a free of charge DIY printable of matching pattern paper. Please visit our shoppe here.


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  10. The Twinery Design Team: Valentine’s Day Coupon Book

    January 21, 2011 by ivona

    This month,

    I was working on my project for The Twinery at the same time I was finishing up our Sweet Valentine Collection.

    valentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purple

    So naturally, it came about to be something Valentine’s Day related:)

    These days, with everything parents have on their plates, we have to make an effort to spend quailty time with the kiddos.

    valentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purple

    And no matter what they say, the kiddos do enjoy one-on-one quality time, even if those of teenage years claim otherwise :)

    It seemed to me like a coupon book from a parent to a child would be a cute, but meaningful, little Valentine.

    valentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purple

    It has some quirky pages like dinner choices and prolonged bed time, as well as more active quality time.

    valentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purple

    There are 2 blank page designs, for parents to write in unique kid related activites.

    The cards measure 3.5 by 5 inches, and I just punched a corner hole and created a twine flower from the Maraschino and Mandarin twine for a bit of extra decoration.

    You could also make a friendship type bracelet from the twine and tie the coupon book with it, so that way the kiddo has a lasting memory :)

    valentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purple

    The three printable sheets include three different page designs, for you to mix and match any way you like.

    valentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purplevalentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purple

    valentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purplevalentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purple

    valentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purplevalentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purple

    valentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purple

    valentines day, twine, The Twinery, free printable, coupon book, pink, red, purple

    Please click here for sheet 1.

    Please click here for sheet 2.

    Please click here for sheet 3.

    You will need to save the .jpg file as a picture and then print. All designs are property of Sugarsticks Parties, these printables are for personal use only.

    For more cool twine colors please visit The Twinery. For our complete Sweet Valentine Collection, please visit our Etsy shoppe and get 20% your purchase when you use the code SWEETV20.


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